GreenTech Media, recently looked at the use of solar and other renewables in disaster situations.  Zach Lyman, is quoted around the difficulties that are involved when you introduce new technology in a crisis.  While typically not a great idea to inject at the point of disaster, what we are seeing increasingly is a value to resilient architecture for service delivery – in clean water, energy, sanitation…

“What assets can you put in place that provide economically viable power every day to the community, but are part of resilient microgrid architectures when the earthquake hits?” asked Lyman. “This is the future of cleantech in disasters, and it will be huge — both internationally and domestically.

Lyman Morse has a long history of deploying energy assets in logistically challenged situations – from boats that need to survive the Indian Ocean, to energy assets supporting forward operating situations in Afghanistan, we know what resilient products look like and can help you develop yours.

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