Recently Professional Boatbuilder Magazine published a fantastic article about the diversification that is happening in the marine industry, and why boatyards can be such fantastic places for innovation, experimentation, and prototyping.  Lyman Morse Technologies, was featured as an example of this phenomenon.

Steve Savoie weighed in on some of our most recent work:

savoiePhoto Credit: Elaine Lembo

“Among ongoing projects at Lyman-Morse Technologies (the name for the company’s non-marine division) is a composite radar dome which, affixed to the nose of a research jet, evaluates advanced radar systems for military aircraft. The company has also been fabricating stand-alone heated matched aluminum tooling to support its efforts in streamlining thermoplastic composites process development. Thermoplastic composites is an area of interest to several L-M customers, according to Savoie, particularly in the sub-sea and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) markets.”

So many amazing projects – this is why it is fun to come to work everyday, and why LMT continues to grow.

Many thanks to the entire Professional Boatbuilder team for including us in the article!
Check out the full piece here: